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Why the solar outdoor street light can not used normally time in China?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

        The current rural areas in China are much different from the past. In the past two years, the country’s investment in rural areas has also increased, not only to build roads but also to install solar outdoor street light.There is no longer any need to worry about doing a farm job and getting home from the sky. Solar outdoor street light rely on solar power to generate lighting. In order to ensure the service life of the solar outdoor street light, the government requires uniform procurement of high-quality solar outdoor street light. When they just been installed, it was really useful. At night, the village was like the city. It was bright and bright. But in less than a year, these solar outdoor street light began to "strike" one after another. At first, only one or two were not bright, and now only one or two are bright. What happen? The old man in the village said the real reason.


                 solar outdoor street lightsolar outdoor street light


        Firstly,man-made destruction.There are some villages that cannot be installed solar outdoor street light for each house, because of financial problems. Therefore, some people have no solar outdoor street light installed at their door step or home. These people have complaint,they may destroy the solar outdoor street light at the door of others.

       Secondly,Lack of maintenance.People are very happy when they are just using it. They have to look at the solar outdoor street light every day, but after a long time, everyone has not just started the kind of strange heart. The solar outdoor street light are blown by the wind and the internal parts are likely to be damaged.

        However, there are no professional maintenance personnel in the village, and there is not enough funds to ask outside maintenance personnel. The problem of solar outdoor street light has accumulated over time. It appeared that the solar panel could not be energized, the bulb was short-circuited, and the pole was skewed. This part of the solar outdoor street light naturally cannot be used normally.


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