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What is the inside story of solar based led street lights?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

            the strong support of the state in recent years for new energy projects, the solar based led street lights industry has gradually become hot. Many people have poured into the solar based led street lights market.On the surface, the market is calm and calm, but in reality, these unscrupulous merchants, for the sake of profit, use unscrupulous means to cut corners and reduce quality standards, which has led to such a chaotic solar based led street lights market this year. about solar street light

            Why should I say this? Because I am a salesman of a solar panel street lamps manufacturer, I know more about the shady and chaos than everyone.I received a customer inquiry this morning. The configuration of the solar panel street lamps is: 110W solar panel, 60AH lithium battery, 7m lamp pole 3.8 thick and hot-dip galvanized pole system! Because this customer was introduced by a friend, I gave this customer a very reasonable and very affordable price, but this customer thinks our price is very high. He said that this kind of solar energy produced in a certain province is produced. The street light only costs 1,300 yuan. A rough estimate, the sales price of this solar panel street lamps is definitely not enough for the actual production cost of regular manufacturers. Merchants who can sell such prices are using these two unconventional methods. The first is to falsely report the configuration and cut corners. The second is to use a 3.2V or 3.7V system voltage solar panel street lamps. The solar street light fittings of this price is greatly discounted compared with the conventional standard solar street light fittings, and the lighting effect is poor and the service life is short. The only advantage is that it is very cheap. about solar street light

         Nowadays, these bad merchants are selling at low prices and cutting corners, resulting in a chaotic market for the entire solar street light fittings. Many customers don"t understand the basics of solar street light fittings, and they are also eager to get cheap, so today"s market is full of such low-cost solar street lights. But the market will eventually return to normal. Over time, these low-cost pv street light will eventually expose many problems, and eventually consumers will return to reason. Those small workshop-style producers will eventually be eliminated by the market. Nowadays, the chaos in the pv street light market will eventually accelerate their demise. The market is always a regular pv street light manufacturer that is serious about making products.


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