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Why is solar panel street lamps suitable for a wide area?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

         Solar technology has also brought greater convenience to people"s lives. The wider use of environmentally friendly equipment has also contributed to the conservation of energy and resources. The improvement of solar panel street lamps technology has also gradually reduced the requirements for the environment. So why do you say that solar panel street lamps are used in a wide range?

          solar light street lamp

        Solar panel street lamps first have certain requirements for the altitude of the installation, but under the improvement of technology, the altitude requirements are wider, as long as they can be installed at altitudes below 5000 meters. Solar street lights are generally not recommended at altitudes above 5,000 meters, but for ordinary users, solar street lights are basically applicable, and altitudes below 5,000 meters are basically not required. Solar powered road lights also have certain requirements on the temperature of the air. However, under the improvement of technology, the solar powered road lights can withstand a wider temperature range, generally below 70 degrees Celsius and below 50 degrees Celsius. The larger temperature range can also be said that the solar powered road lights has no requirements for temperature, and can be used under normal living environment, and the user can use it with confidence. 

  solar light street lamp

       Stand alone solar street light also have certain requirements for humidity. Under the improvement of technology, the current stand alone solar street light have lower requirements on the humidity environment, and the ability to withstand is strong. Generally, as long as the humidity is lower than 80%, the installation can be safely installed. In general, stand alone solar street light have no obvious requirements on the environment, and can be installed and used in general living environments. The principle of solar power generation is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, and the installation and use value is relatively large.


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