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What is the solution to the common problem of solar powered street lights?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

            The popularity of solar powered street lights has brought a lot of convenience to farmers" lives. However, the long-term use will cause some problems in solar powered street lights. Let"s list some common problems. solar powered led street lights


      1.How to repair solar powered street lights when it without lighting?First check the indicator light on the controller. If the battery indicator is not lit, check whether the connection line between the controller and the battery is disconnected. If there is no falling off, check the voltage of the battery. If the voltage is normal, change the control. Device. Secondly, check if the load indicator on the controller is lit or not. If the voltage output represents normal and there is no voltage output, the controller needs to be replaced.

     2.What are the best direction for the PV module in solar led post lights? If the installation is located in the northern hemisphere, the sunlight is directly from the south, so only the PV modules face south to fully absorb the solar light. If the PV modules face north, they will not absorb the sunlight. Therefore, in order to ensure the light-harvesting, solar energy should make full use of light energy, and according to the local sunshine conditions, do the best tilt design to ensure maximum power generation. The southern hemisphere is just the powered led street lights

      3.Is the solar led post lights solar panel fragile? The solar panels are not as crisp as we might think. They are made of polycrystalline or single crystal cells. The surface is pressed with a relatively strong layer of tempered glass. The frame is fixed firmly and can withstand the hail test. Solar panels are rarely damaged as long as they are not artificially destroyed.

      4.What happens if the solar panel in solar powered pole lights is shaded?Solar panels should be installed in places where they can receive sunlight all day long. There should be no tall trees and buildings to shield the sunlight. Even if there is a small amount of shielding, the output of the system will be greatly reduced.

      5.Do you want to clean the solar panels in solar powered pole lights frequently? Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to clean the solar panels frequently, but it can also be determined according to local conditions. In most areas, the panels can be cleaned with sufficient rainfall, while in areas with large sands, they can be washed frequently in winter. , wash less in summer. During the cleaning process, do not step on or stand on the solar panel, and do not use metal or hard objects for wiping and cleaning.

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