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When you do the purchase solar powered pole lights,which parts are easy to ignore?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

         As an important lighting facility for urban development, solar powered pole lights are of paramount importance to all major projects. However, the market price of solar powered pole lights is now varied and the quality is uneven. Many reasons are that in the market, malicious competition is serious. The price war in the industry has caused manufacturers to reduce costs in materials and processes, which brings the quality of solar powered pole lights tremendous influence. solar panel street light

      When you do the purchase solar parking lot lights,which parts are easy to ignore?           

       Firstly,replace bad materials with poor materials. Take the LED lamp housing as an example. The solar parking lot lights housing looks the same on the picture. Some manufacturers use plastic, some manufacturers use iron to do it. A few heavy-quality manufacturers use aluminum to do it. If you are not a professional solar street light buyer, you can"t see it. Products made of plastic or iron casings have a very low price, but have poor heat dissipation properties and are prone to rust, resulting in a short service life of solar parking lot lights. 

        Secondly, configure the virtual label. The fiery heat of solar panel street light is also accompanied by the reduction of price and profit. The fierce competition has also led many merchants to start to have the parameters of smashing and smashing the standard products. This is also caused by repeated price comparisons by customers, requiring low prices, and some manufacturers. Related to the practice.

       Thirdly, solar panel street light uses the same power, but the size is small, which can save the cost of solar panels. At the same time, it can lower the battery capacity and reduce the cost of the battery. As a result, the working hours of solar panel street light are greatly reduced. Even if the working time is not reduced, the brightness of the solar street light will be lowered, resulting in poor light efficiency.


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