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What are the impacts of smog weather on solar panel street lights?


Published by Mars August 01,2020

         Solar panel street lights use solar panels to absorb solar energy and convert them into electrical energy.Solar panel street lights is an intelligently controlled road lighting facility that does not rely on utility power and does not generate electricity charges.Solar panel street lights can also withdraw funds after long-term use. It is maintenance-free and does not require excavation channels to lay cables,which can save a lot of manpower and material resources.It is more convenient and safer. It uses solar energy to generate electricity,and it is green and environmentally friendly. This is the lifestyle advocated by the society.

                Solar panel street lightsSolar panel street lights

            Increased emissions of industrial waste gas have led to serious air pollution, and long-term haze weather has occurred in many areas. Almost no visible sun, affecting the normal operation of solar panel street lights. Solar panels are mainly powered by solar energy, and there is sufficient light to have sufficient power generation, and vice versa. Therefore, the long-term smog weather will definitely affect the power generation of solar panels, and it will indirectly lead to the normal operation of solar panel street lights. In response to the lighting requirements of smog weather,solar panel street lights manufacturers can only increase the capacity of solar panel street lights batteries, thus ensuring long-term lighting. In addition, wind-solar complementary solar panel street lights can also be used. Regular solar panel street lights manufacturers will set continuous rainy weather for 3-4 days.

          If the foggy weather is too long, you need to select some high-profile solar panel street lights products, which should be increased according to local lighting time and power. The capacity of solar panels and batteries. As a solar panel street lights manufacturer, what can be done now is to continuously let people know about energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting products such as solar panel street lights,and to popularize the construction of more new energy lighting equipment, while continuing to expand the environmental protection capability of solar panel street lights, so that the society can use green technology extensively.Energy-saving and emission-reducing products to reduce smog.


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