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What are aspects for service life of solar powered street lamp?


Published by Mars August 07,2020

           Rural solar powered street lamp are widely used in the construction of new rural roads in China. Solar powered street lamp are green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy to use, and have a longer life span than ordinary street lamps. Therefore, when choosing to install street lamps, some customers ask questions,What are aspects for service life of solar powered street lamp?

                       solar powered street lampsolar powered street lamp

            The service life of rural solar street lights depends on five main aspects.

            Firstly, the LED light source of rural solar powered street lamp, the current mainstream solar powered street lamp basically use LED high-brightness energy-saving light bulbs. On the one hand, the service life is longer than the Us bulbs, and the specifics are still determined according to the usage. The LED bulbs are broken one or two. It does not affect the overall lighting effect; on the other hand, it is also relatively energy efficient.

         Secondly, the controller of the rural solar powered street lamp. The controller is the core component of the solar powered street lamp.In the solar powered street lamp system, not only the working state of the photovoltaic module, the battery and the load is controlled, but also the working state of the battery is effectively controlled. Indirectly protects the load (solar powered street lamp), providing it with an effective and relatively stable working environment, especially in critical conditions such as low battery or under voltage operation. A controller with high accuracy and stable performance plays a key role.

       Thirdly, the solar panels of rural solar powered street lamp. The service life of solar panels mainly depends on the crystalline silicon cells.Sometimes,it have some bird droppings in the solar panel glass,they are not easy to clean, there will be hot spots after a long time. Once the hot spot effect occurs, the whole crystalline silicon panel will not generate electricity.

        Fourth,rural solar powered street lamp battery.The quality of the battery directly affects the life of the street lamp. Generally,the battery is selected to have a relatively stable quality, so the price will be more expensive than the battery of the ordinary manufacturer, and the good battery will last for a long time.


                solar powered street lampsolar powered street lamp

           Fifth,rural solar powered street lamp pole.Cold plating means that the zinc salt solution is electrolyzed, and the process of plating the lamp pole on the plated part will directly affect the quality of the lamp post. The hot-dip galvanized appearance is not cold-galvanized and delicate, but hot-dip galvanizing is a few times than cold-dip galvanizing. Corrosion resistance is also several times than electroplating.


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