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What are the considerations for designing solar parking lot lights?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

        The design idea of solar parking lot lights is also based on the general solar power generation system. First determine the power of the light source, work time per day, ensure several rainy days and then calculate the capacity of the battery and the power of the solar module. However, solar parking lot lights have their own special characteristics, and it is necessary to ensure the stability and reliability of the system work. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the three parts of data during the design.

solar street lighting system

         Firstly, the design of solar parking lot lights needs to know some data. The outdoor solar street lamp can be used to find the longitude and latitude of the used land. On different inclined planes, the angle of solar radiation is generally different, thereby determining the tilt angle and azimuth of the solar cell module and calculating the solar standard peak sunshine time of the area. solar street lighting system  

       Secondly, the power of the light source selected for the solar street lamp. The power of the light source directly affects the parameter stability of the entire system. Rural solar street lamp work every night. This is the core parameter that determines the size of the components in the integrated solar street light system. By determining the working time, the daily power consumption of the load and the corresponding charging current of the solar cell module can be preliminarily calculated.

       Thirdly, the number of consecutive rainy days that need to be maintained. This parameter determines the size of the battery capacity and the solar module power required to restore the battery capacity after a rainy day. Determine the number of days D between two consecutive rainy days. This is the power of the battery pack that is required to fill the battery after a continuous rainy day. solar street lighting system

        With the continuous development of integrated solar street light, the economic development and social and cultural development of rural and urban areas can become more independent, at least not limited by power shortages. Integrated solar street light can be widely used on a variety of roads, mainly because solar street lighting system can meet the advantages of many conventional street lights that are not suitable for use on various roads.


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