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What are the unique advantages of lithium battery led solar pole lights?


Published by Mars August 07,2020

           Lithium battery led solar pole lights has a good energy-saving advantage, which makes it widely used. There are three major types of battery in lithium battery led solar pole lights, namely lithium battery, lead-acid battery and gel battery. Among them, lithium battery use life is longer than two. The service life of the people began to get more and more favored by the solar industry. So, what are the unique advantages of lithium battery solar led lights? led street lights               1.Lithium battery solar led lights are safer.Lithium battery is a dry battery type, and it is a storage battery with controllability and pollution-free. It is more stable and safer than lead-acid batteries.

       2.Intelligent optimization calculation and reasonable distribution of electricity consumption level:The solar led lights lithium battery can also intelligently optimize the calculation of the remaining capacity of the battery, the length of day and night, the weather conditions, etc. according to the user"s needs, rationally allocate the power level, and realize the functions of light control, time control and storage memory, which can ensure at least ten days. The lights are on continuous rainy days. led street lights                3.Lithium battery life is long.Different from the short life of lead-acid batteries, which need to be replaced in two or three years, the service life of lithium batteries is generally more than 10 years. In led street light systems, the service life of LED light sources is generally up to 10 years (about 50,000 hours). That is, it can perfectly match the system, eliminating the cumbersome process of frequently replacing the battery.


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