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How to design solar pole lights?Follow us and we teach you!


Published by Mars July 06,2020

          I believe that everyone should be familiar with solar pole lights in the solar energy series. The popularity of solar pole lights is rising today. However, the configuration of solar pole lights selected in many areas is unreasonable, and it often happens that the lighting time is short and the number of rainy days is low. So how do we calculate the solar pole lights configuration? led street lights

  To calculate the solar street lamp configuration, first determine the following information:

  1. Daily full power lighting time;
  2. Continued rainy days;
  3. Local sunshine coefficient and peak sunshine hours;
  4. The power level of LED lamps.led street lights


        To determine the above information, we also need to understand these:

          Firstly, let"s assume that our lighting time is 6 hours, the first three hours are full power, the last three hours are half power, then the daily full power lighting time is 3+3*0.5=4.5 hours, if the continuous rainy day is 4 days Because the solar panels can be charged in rainy days, we can set the number of rainy days to 3 days.

        Secondly, the local sunshine coefficient and peak sunshine hours, this data is different in each region, we can query through Google.

       Thirdly, the LED lamp power, generally 6 meters with 30W or 40W, 7 meters 40W or 50W, 8 meters 50W or 60W, the specific LED lamp power size we can provide the height of the street light pole, let the solar street lamp manufacturers to make a reasonable match. led street lights

         The above data and information are all determined, and the solar street light setup configuration can be actually calculated. For example, for example, a place needs to install LED power of 30W, full-power lighting for 4.5 hours per day, continuous rainy days for 4 days, and solar street light setup system voltage of 12V. First of all, we can calculate the power consumption of solar street light setup every night at 30W*4.5H=135WH. For 4 rainy days, the required power is 135WH*4=540WH. If you use this power, you need to fully charge it in two days. The solar panel power is 540WH/8H÷0.85 ≈60Wp, and 0.85 is the charging efficiency of the solar panel. Since solar panels can cause attenuation and are affected by local environmental dust, we"d better increase the solar panel power to 70Wp. Finally, we need to determine the capacity of the solar battery. The common gel battery discharge depth is 0.7, and the solar street lamp system voltage is 12V. The battery capacity is 540WH/12V/0.7≈60AH. In this way, the entire solar street light setup configuration is calculated. The full power is turned on for 4.5 hours every day, and the rainy day is 4 days. The power of the LED lamp is 30W. The required configuration is 70W for solar panels and 60AH for solar cells. led street lights

         The above is how to calculate the calculation method of solar light poles street configuration. The solar light poles street can not be blindly selected. It is necessary to understand the actual needs of the local area and calculate the reasonable solar light poles street configuration according to the actual demand, so that the advantages of the solar light poles street can be maximized.


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