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What is the new solar street lamp design?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

             Nowday,more and more solar street lamp use in world wide.After the requirement of the market develop,the technical will follow to develop It have a lot of new solar street lamp design.Some solar street lamp design increased the material use life,some solar street lamp design advanced the led efficiency,another solar street lamp design save the power consumption.


solar street lamp project

           According to British media reports recently, Norway recently have developed new solar street lamp design,it is inductive solar street lamps design.This new solar street lamp design can independently adjust the light intensity for some roads in the country,so this new solar street lamp design further save energy and reduce emissions.It is reported that the new solar street lamps design light were installed near Hole in the outskirts of Oslo, on a road 5 miles (8 kilometers) long. These new solar street lamp design inductive LED street lights can reduce brightness by 20% when no car, bicycle or pedestrian passes; when the radar sensor detects that a vehicle has passed, the brightness of the light will be adjusted to 100%. It is said that the installation of new solar street lamp design-inductive street lamps can save 2100 kWh per week, while LED lamps help to reduce emissions and are more environmentally friendly than other types of street lamps.In addition to new solar street lamp design street lights, Norway is also actively pursuing energy conservation and environmental protection in other areas.

    solar street lamp project


     Hartford County in the north of London, England have their new solar street lamp design.They will begin to adjust the brightness of street lights and save more money. In the past year, Hartford County has gradually reduced many expenses. Now government units are thinking of new ways to save money, use solar street lamp design.Saving money by lowering the brightness of LED street lights in the middle of the night.


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