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What is solar street lights cost?


Published by Mars August 07,2020

            Before use solar led street light or make the street light fixture,people will ask:what is solar street lights cost?

           Solar street lights cost include solar panel cost,led street lamp cost,battery cost,controller cost,street lamp controller cost,pole cost,cable cost etc.It have two type solar panel,mono solar panel and poly solar panel.Mono solar panel have higher efficiency than poly solar panel,but the cost for mono solar panel will be higher than poly solar panel.The solar panel use in led street light system always have low power(30W-100W),so the mono solar panel power generation only have tiny difference for poly solar panel power generation.In order to save solar street lights cost,most customer will chose poly solar panel.About led street lamp cost,it will be less than 70USD,it only occupy small part of solar street lights cost.Difference power led street lamp use difference housing and led chip,so the price will be have difference.Roughly,led street lamp have higher light efficiency lamp and better heat dissipation,the price will be higher.Controller control the battery charge and discharge,control the light on and off.Because it is have 5A-10A capacity,if you don’t need wifi or another additional function,the price will not more than 30USD.


solar street lights cost  

         Battery cost and pole cost have accounted for a large part for solar street lights cost.The battery in solar street light include lead-acid battery,gel battery,lithium battery.Because lithium battery is light and 100% DOD,so now more and more customer us lithium battery.The lithium battery can fix on the top of street light pole,have anti-theft function.The solar led street light pole is long and heavy.If you are not loaded a container in China,it will be better to do the pole in your country.Or make the main pole in your location,and make the upper top pole in China.Can save a lot of shipping cost and another cost. As a smart consumer,when you ask the solar street lights cost from the seller,pls pay attention for the solar led street light quality in each part.Solar street lights cost is not the only standard to chose the supplier,quality is the most important things than solar street lights cost.


solar street lights costsolar street lights cost


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