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How to be a solar street light buyer?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

        As a solar street light buyer,when you chose solar led street light, there are some points need to pay attention. Firstly,solar street light buyer need to notice the brightness of solar led street light.The solar led street light brightness unit is Lumen.The same power LED street light,the lumen data is higher then the light will be more bright.Mars Solar is TOP 10 solar street light manufacturer,we provide super bright solar street lamp design. 10th July,2018, Nigeria customer Andrew brought a carton,and visit Mars Solar factory in Foshan city.He tell us that Mars Solar solar street light price is higher than another supplier,and show us the 30W all in one solar street light which bought from Nigeria.Mars Solar brought a 15W all in one solar street light,and compare this customer’s 30W all in one solar street light.Mars Solar 15W solar street light is more brightness than his.So as a solar street light buyer,the price is not the most important thing you need to consider.Solar led street light’s performance is more important than the price.A super brightness integrated solar street light 40W performance can be more bright than 60W normally brightness solar street light.Then when solar street light buyer buy super bright 40W solar led street light,can meet the 60W normally bright requirement,save more power and can extend the solar led street light discharge time,and save more project cost.


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         Secondly,solar street light buyer need to notice the solar panel quality.Solar panel absorb sun power,provide power source to solar led street light.Mars Solar use original A grade Suntech solar cell,high efficiency make the solar panel can generate more power. Finally,solar street light buyer need to know the solar controller working way.High quality solar led street light controller can provide good solar street lamp design.Suitable solar controller setting,can make your solar street lamp design work 365days without any stop.


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