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What Are The Most Important Points To Ignore When Installing 12V DC Solar Street Light?


Published by Mars April 07,2022

        12V dc solar street light have now been widely used in various regions, and it does bring great convenience to people's lives, and can make the environment very good. The 12v dc solar street light also needs to have a lot of precautions during the installation process, otherwise many problems will occur in the subsequent use. So what are the easiest things to ignore when installing 12v dc solar street light?


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        First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the wind resistance of 12v dc solar street light. The wind speed in each place is different. Generally speaking, the height of the 12v dc solar street light is 6 meters or more, and it also contains solar panels. If the wind resistance is not paid attention to during the installation process, it may be in some places where the wind speed is relatively large,will affect the service life.


       Secondly, the angle of solar panel installation needs to be considered. Attentive customers will find that the solar panels on the top of the 12w solar street light are installed with a tilt angle, because only a reasonable tilt angle can be selected to obtain the best use effect, otherwise the conversion rate of solar energy will be very low, so During the installation process, we must calculate some of its angles very well.

       There is also the need to pay attention to the choice of controller. In most 12w solar street light systems, a controller is used to protect the battery from overcharging or overdischarging. Overcharging may vaporize the electrolyte in the battery, causing malfunctions, and overdischarging the battery will cause the battery to fail prematurely. Overcharge and overdischarge may damage the load.



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      In addition to the above three points, there are many aspects that need everyone's attention, and we need to constantly summarize during the installation and construction process.

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