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What Is The Power Generation Efficiency Of Led Solar Street Light 60W?


Published by Mars April 07,2022

     Streetlights in rural areas are getting less and less attention. The main reason is that the installation of these conventional streetlights is very inconvenient and maintenance is not easy. If the problem is not maintained for a long time, the streetlights will not turn on and it will easily cause traffic when traveling at night accident. Most of these conventional street lamps are the same, and the scenery is no longer. Now, people have gradually focused on new energy street lights led solar street light 60w.

solar street light manufacturer

         The use of led solar street light 60w uses solar photovoltaic panels to generate electricity using the photoelectric effect. At present, the conversion rate of Mas Solar's solar panels can be more than 19.3%, and the luminous efficiency is very high. In addition, with the current unique solar control system of Mas Solar, it can not only fully use sunlight, and can effectively discharge lighting, to avoid waste. In this way, the actual working time of the led solar street light 60w is very long, and the brightness brought by it is also bright enough to facilitate people to travel and vehicles.

solar street light manufacturer


          Led solar street light 60w sources generally require 6000k to 6500K white light, which is very close to natural light, so that people can see clearly, reduce unnecessary traffic accidents, and provide protection for people's travel. As an outdoor street lamp, the 60w solar led street light has really played its actual role, with high power generation efficiency, high brightness and good color rendering.

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