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City Street Lights And Solar Parking lights, Which one Is More Suitable For Rural Lighting?


Published by Mars April 07,2022

         In the past, the lighting service facilities in rural areas were very different from those in cities. First, because the power grid facilities in rural areas were backward, the transformers in the villages could not bear too much power load. In which period of time, rural electricity cannot be maintained for a long time. Power outages are a frequent occurrence. Many families also use the lowest kerosene lamps for lighting. Secondly, the construction of street lamps requires long-distance laying of lines. For rural areas, it is simply impossible to achieve lighting projects.

        Nowadays, rural infrastructure has improved significantly, the pace of power grid reform and the introduction of high-tech products have accelerated, and today's rural areas are different from yesterday! Many villages use city circuit lighting, and some use solar parking lights. The lights illuminate the road at night, making it very convenient for people to travel at night.


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Which is more suitable for rural lighting than city circuit lights and solar parking lights?

1. From the installation point of view. Road lighting for city circuit lights must be laid with long cables and complicated installations, while solar parking lights are easy to install without the need to lay cables. Each rural solar parking lights is an independent power generation system and only needs to be a cement-based The seat can be fixed with screws.


2.From a cost perspective. The initial investment of street lighting is low, but it must consume a fixed amount of electricity every day. The accumulated electricity bill is not a small amount; the initial installation cost of solar parking lights is high, but once the installation is completed, the electricity bill will no longer be generated without any maintenance cost.


3.From a maintenance perspective. Rural solar parking lights are composed of LED light sources, solar panels, batteries (storage batteries, lithium batteries), light poles, and rural solar parking lights controllers. Among them, batteries are more prone to problems. If you buy a battery of poor quality, you need to maintain and replace it every 2-3 years, which results in maintenance costs. However, you need to replace it after 5-8 years of buying a good quality battery. The cables laid by the city circuit lights also require regular maintenance of the lines and other configurations, and the maintenance cost is also a considerable expense.


4. From the perspective of street lamp safety. The street lighting of city power lighting is complicated, the cables are laid underground, the materials are easy to age, and there may be conflicts with the laying of water and electricity pipelines. There are certain hidden safety risks. Rural round post solar lights are relatively good in this regarding.


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        Therefore, the masses prefer round post solar lights (except for some areas where solar energy is not abundant). Low carbon and environmental protection, low energy consumption and no consumption, simple installation and easy protection.

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