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The Inside Story Of The Price Of Solar Lamp Post Lights Was Exposed


Published by Mars April 07,2022

      Solar lamp post lights are more expensive than traditional street lights powered by city AC. At present, most solar street lamp manufacturers mainly produce solar lamp post lights through assembly, and there are many solar street lamp manufacturers that reduce costs through low-quality plastic and other outer packaging, but the service life is usually less than one year. There are many discounts for solar lamp post lights, but people don’t know exactly where the preferential prices are, but they are different for the products themselves. They don’t know.

 gama sonic solar light


         At any time, it is a price-for-one product, and high prices do not necessarily buy good products, let alone low prices. Those products with a warranty of 5 years and 10 years, when the customer has a problem after purchasing, it is impossible to call. Most people can't find it, so where did the discount go at this time? Now the development of solar lamp post lights technology has been relatively mature. Although it is slightly more expensive than ordinary street lamps and the price, in the later years or even decades of use, the use of large power will be particularly small, and the cost of power supply will be significantly reduced, so overall it is very cost-effective. In addition, choosing solar lamp post lights is not only a saving in capital, but also a protection of the environment. And now China has certain support policies for the production of environmental protection equipment, so many solar street lamp manufacturers can obtain financial assistance, so the price of such street lamps is not too high.


            Generally, solar lamp post lights are purchased in large quantities.Solar street light manufacturers will store too many street lights at one time. Most of them are temporarily caught after accepting orders. The start-up and operation of equipment requires a lot of capital, so if the number of orders at a time is very large, many manufacturers will provide substantial discounts.


       In addition, when choosing solar powered pole light, there are professionals to communicate and buy cost-effective street lights. First of all, the main frame of the solar powered pole light should choose the appropriate material and apply a high-quality coating. Some cities will also build different street lamp shapes according to the characteristics of the city. These need to be designed in advance and communicate with the manufacturer to choose the appropriate material.Solar panels and batteries can be equipped with mature brands according to requirements, and most manufacturers can assemble them.


   Solar powered pole light are higher than ordinary street lamps. The main factors that determine the price are the overall material of the street lamp, the quality of the coating, the shape of the street lamp, and the quality of the solar panel and battery. The first three are the factors that should be considered when buying any street lamp. Looking at the functional board and battery is the unique technical index of solar powered pole light. Due to the relatively large number of technical indicators, the price difference when choosing is also relatively large.


        In addition, different solar powered pole light prices should be selected according to the sunshine conditions in different regions. If the sunshine is sufficient, the quality of the solar panel and battery can be reduced. The price of this street lamp is relatively low, but if the sun is not shining in the south, and there are often cloudy and rainy days, this area appears when choosing solar powered pole light.Equipped with relatively high-end solar panels and batteries.


gama sonic solar light

         These are dead. After ensuring the basic lighting requirements, you have a specific configuration. You can compare these three side. You will find that the price difference is not very big for products of the same quality and the same configuration and the same construction period, so this time you need to choose, and look at the integrity of the enterprise, whether it can provide the configuration and service that it promises when providing the goods, rather than falsification. With these, I feel that it is a discount. After all, the enterprise also needs survival to profit.

         The price of gama sonic solar light has fallen to the bottom. Only good products are relatively cheaper. The discount is at least a pseudo-proposition. It is really the customer who buys high-quality products and services at a low price. In case of being cheated,this requires customers to keep their eyes open.

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