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Why Don't Highways Install Solar Power Smart Led Street Light?


Published by Mars April 07,2022

      Except for bridges and tunnels, highways are generally not equipped with solar power smart led street light.The reasons includes:

      1.The safety factor of the expressway itself is very high

The installation of solar power smart led street light is not for the safety and convenience of vehicle driving, because the vehicles have headlights, but for the safety and convenience of motor vehicles and pedestrians, and the highway is a road outside the urban area that connects the city to the city, city and village There are no non-motorized lanes and sidewalks, so general highways are not equipped with solar power smart led street light.

led solar street light 60w

    2.High road anti-cursor to meet demand.

The solar power smart led street light is discontinuous and non-uniform. For drivers of high-speed vehicles, this alternation of light and dark will cause visual errors and easily cause danger. In addition, the illuminance of the solar power smart led street light is poor, and the astigmatism can cause glare for long-distance drivers, posing a safety hazard. When the external lighting is not satisfied, the vehicle's own headlights can provide safer lighting for the driver. During many night driving of vehicles, perfect road reflective signs are fully satisfied. At night, under the strong illumination of the car's headlights, the reflective film on the traffic sign will directionally reflect the light, illuminate the road surface, and can clearly reflect various traffic signs to the driver's eyes, which is sufficient to maintain the direction guidance function.


led solar street light 60w

   3.High cost and troublesome management.

Each expressway is generally relatively long, and the cost of installing lithium solar street light on the entire section must be very high. Moreover, the randomness and uncertainty of the traffic volume of highway vehicles are too strong. For a small number of vehicles to install lights across the line, it will inevitably cause a huge waste of energy. In addition, there are too many provinces, cities and counties crossing the highway, and the power supply and management of street lights are also a headache.

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