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Why choose to install solar powered lamp post in the new rural road lighting construction?


Published by Mars April 07,2022

        The emergence of solar powered lamp post has greatly facilitated people's nighttime travel activities. Now China attaches great importance to the development and construction of rural areas. It also attaches great importance to rural road construction.Solar powered lamp post illuminate the way home for people on both sides of rural streets. It has also improved the living environment in rural areas and the problems of energy consumption and environmental pollution of traditional street lamps.


               Best Solar Street LightsBest Solar Street Lights


            In the construction of rural roads, solar powered lamp post use technical advantages to convert solar panels into electrical energy for lighting, which breaks the limitations of traditional street lamps using city power, realizes rural self-sufficient lighting, and solves rural power consumption, high electricity bills problems. When configuring rural solar powered lamp post, the garden street light system configuration scheme of LED light sources, solar panels, batteries, controllers and light poles is indispensable, and the lighting time and rainy weather must be determined in the control of rural garden street light systems. The general rural garden street light configuration scheme is as follows: the LED lighting source with a power of 15W-30W can meet the lighting needs, and can be adjusted as needed.

              Best Solar Street LightsBest Solar Street Lights


       Why do rural areas need to choose garden street light? The main innovations of products such as garden street light and solar power generation systems:

1. Energy saving, it uses natural light source, no need to consume electric energy, and it is inexhaustible;

2. Environmental protection, meet the requirements of green environmental protection, no pollution, no radiation, protect the ecology;

3. Safe, because the product does not use alternating current, and the battery absorbs solar energy, and is converted into light energy through low-voltage direct current, which is the safest power source;

4. The high-tech content, the core device of the product is an intelligent controller, and the set automatic control and time-controlled switching device can automatically adjust according to the sky brightness within 24 hours a day and the brightness that people need in various environments;

5. The product has long service life, low installation cost and convenient maintenance.

           According to the different configurations of solar panels, accumulators, and controllers, in rural areas, the general lighting time of best solar street lights is set to turn on for 6 hours a day, and 3-5 consecutive rainy weathers are normally illuminated.

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