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Saudi Capital Lights Up Chinese Solar Powered Parking Lights


Published by Mars April 07,2022

      China and Saudi Arabia recently signed a solar powered parking lights ooperation agreement in the capital Riyadh. China's Huawei will install solar powered parking lights provided by China on some sections of downtown Riyadh.


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      A representative of the working group of the Riyadh Municipal Council signed a solar powered parking lights project agreement with the general manager of Saudi Huawei. Li Chengwen, Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Wang You, Economic and Commercial Counselor, and Tarig, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Committee of Riyadh, attended the signing ceremony.


      During Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to Saudi Arabia earlier this year, the Saudi business community raised the desire that China help Saudi Arabia develop solar powered parking lights. According to the solar powered parking lights agreement, the design and construction of the road solar light price project will be undertaken by Huawei, with a construction period of approximately four months.


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       Tarrig said that the use of Chinese road solar light price will provide a successful example for the construction of a green Riyadh project. Li Chengwen said that I believe the road solar light price project has become a good start for expanding cooperation in the field of new energy between China and Saudi Arabia.According to reports, the implementation of the demonstration project will provide new opportunities for Chinese road solar light price technology and products to enter the Saudi market.

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