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Active Promotion Of Solar Street Light For Home In The New Rural Road Lighting Project


Published by Mars April 07,2022

     In order to promote green lighting projects, energy conservation and emission reduction, and better protect the local ecological environment in rural areas, all local governments are actively promoting the use of solar street light for home in new rural road lighting projects. After installing solar street light for home, the situation where villagers can only travel with a flashlight tonight has been completely improved.


          integrated solar lightintegrated solar light


         The use of new energy solar street light for home not only implements the development concepts of energy conservation, emission reduction, and low-carbon environmental protection, but also promotes the prosperity of the rural economy. Relying on the technical advantages, solar street light for home use solar panels to convert into electrical energy for lighting, which breaks the limitation of traditional street lamps using city power, realizes self-sufficient lighting in rural areas, and solves the problems of high power consumption and high electricity costs in rural areas.


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     Solar street light for home are different from ordinary street lights. These integrated solar light installed in the countryside rely on solar energy to independently generate electricity, no need to connect to city power, no pollution, no emissions, and no need to dig trenches to lay cables and grid access equipment. The overall construction cost is lower than ordinary The city circuit lights comply with the national policy guidelines on building a new socialist countryside.

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