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Why we use Solar Street Lights Outdoor?


Published by Mars April 07,2022

         Solar street lights outdoor is an essential aspect for city.It make city safe,high efficiency,environmental protection and more beautiful.So more and more countries and areas are planing to install solar street lights.It help them save the electricity bill,provide monitor data to them. When in the night time,the light weak,the solar street lights outdoor start to work automatically.When in the day time,the light strong,the solar street lights will stop to work automatically.

solar street lights outdoor  

Advanced control technology and LED technology,make solar street lights outdoor more and more popular.Compare with traditional lamp,solar street lamp save a lot of power,more brightness and not need to control the light on and off by human.Environmental and saving power are the main trend in the world,solar street lights can meet these two requirement. And some place like Indonesia,it have a lot of small island,they are far away the grid net,very hard to use grid led street lamp.Solar street light not need to connect with grid power,so it help them a lot.


solar street lights outdoor  

        In this context, with 10 years of manufacture experience for solar street lights outdoor and a catalog of more than 100 products,MARS SOLAR is one of the leaders in the solar street lamp market.Quality is their culture.This factory is ISO9001 standard factory,meet SGS inspection goods standard.Their products have meet CE certification,ROHS certififcation,IP66 protection degree. “Our differential is that we have the capacity to propose a complete solar street lights outdoor project, whether it is a road / square or well, We have the technical staff that covers solar street lamps design / solar led street light fixture / solar street light manufacture and finds the best solution in each case.If customer have need,we can send engineer all over the world and guide the installation and fixture,"explains by Gavin,which is the boss of Mars Solar.


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