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What is performance for street light solar powered?


Published by Mars April 07,2022

                   Street light solar powered is popular and have the best performance.Solar street light use super bright double chip Bridgelux led lamp,long use life and free maintenance lithium battery.Street light solar powered is easy to install,no heavy civil works,no electricity bills,no CO2 emissions,sustainable solution.Street light solar powered is symbol for the environmental.Provide bright to inhabitants,and improve the image for the country and the city.                                                                                                           

                                                           street light solar powered

         Street light solar powered are installed more and more place,Because it have good performance,and also because social development,economic growth and security use way.But still have 1.6 billion people don’t have access to energy,growing urban population in emerging Africa countries.It have 400million in 2010 to 1.26 billion by 2050.In Europe,one street light solar powered for 20 inhabitants.We not only improve the led technology,solar panel technology,controller technology and battery technology,make the solar street light with battery backup products have the highest performance,but also want to extend more market for solar led street light. Today,we receive customer feedback from Mr.Askar again.This time,he have installed 22sets 30W street light solar powered.He and his boss is so satisfied for our street light solar powered performance.This 30W street light solar powered products is off grid and no black out,it is black out mean it is safety of your power supply.Use solar power source,so it don’t have electricity cost.It is total autonomy of the solar engine.More than 50,000hrs reliable and autonomous lighting,suitable to use in Europe,Africa,Middle East,Southern USA,South America,Southern Asia,any hot and wet conditions.High performance NiMH Battery,solar panel,LED lamp fix on the top of the pole,it is secured and anti-theft,vandal proof.The installation is very simple,only need 15minuntes to set up.


street light solar powered

          “Mars Solar ,10years factory for 365days non stop street light solar powered.”It is our slogan.In order to bring more and more bright to the worldwide people,we plan to manufacture and export 30,000sets street light solar powered until 2020.

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