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30W Solar Power Led Street Light-Kazakhstan Led Street Light Project


Published by Mars April 07,2022

       Customer Mr.Askar is from Kazakhstan.His company need to buy around 100sets 30W solar power led street light.We begin to contact in 1th,March,2018.He tell Lucy that he don"t like our lamp which use in 30W solar power led street light,he want to use another normally lamp.Our sale Lucy Luo have 10years experience,she have talked with Mr.Askar and explained to Mr.Askar very patient. She told him,our solar led street lamp is specially design,have very high lumen,the lumen is 140LM/W,30W led lamp have 4200LM.The lamp you send, it is normally led street lamp.It will have 100-110LM/W only,30W led lamp have 3000LM only.So our lamp is more brightness than another.This is your sample order and you can test it.Lucy also showed him,our customer installation picture

.30W Solar Power Led Street Light

         Finally,Mr.Askar agree to order 7sets 30W solar power led street light for his Kazakhstand led street light project.The goods arrive Urumqi.When Mr.Askar receive 7sets 30W solar power led street light,Lucy asked him,how do you think about our 30W solar power led street light for your Kazakhstand led street light project.Mr.Askar have not installed this solar led street light,so he say,i have received the goods,but your lamp seem so so. Lucy insist to tell him,pls test our solar power led street light first.We are so proud of our products.If the performance is not good,we back the money to you.After two days,Mr.Askar say,"we have installed the light in today,in the night time,your light start to work automatically.Your light is brightness,wants to my boss".In that time,we are very happy."I am so happy,the happiest things is our customer identity our company,identity our products.",says by Lucy. After the success sample,Mr.Askar have ordered 2 times solar power led street light from us.Each time,he praise our quality,our service and the in time delivery.We are surely that we can build long term relationship with you,Mr.Askar.

30W Solar Power Led Street Light


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