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Solar Street light Project In Marshall Islands


Published by Mars April 07,2022

                One years ago,Mr.Jack contact us for business.He had solar street light project in The Republic of Marshall Islands.He is a 30 years experience businessman which have big company in USA and all over the world.Republic of Marshall Islands is in Pacific Ocean.This Islands have consisted of 1,200 islands.Most of the islands only live few people,the grid power can not cover every islands,so the city power condition is not good.Solar street light project is developing in this Pacific Islands.

                                  Solar Street light Project

  Mr.Jack’s solar street light project need 80W solar led street light system.Mars Solar keep to develop our products.In that time,most of the led street light factory use lead acid battery or gel battery in their solar led street light products,but Mars Solar have began to use lithium battery.This battery is very suitable to use in solar street light project.Lithium battery is light,can fix on the top of the street light pole,can anti-theft.Lithium battery DOD is 100%,it mean that you can make full use of the power in the solar street light project.Mr.Jack have high interesting for the new design solar led street light.Maggie is sale which have 5years experience,she provide professional before sale service to Mr.Jack.Finally,Mr.Jack have ordered 150sets 80W solar led street light as trial order.They load a 40ft container fully.After one month shipping,the container arrive.Mr.Jack have installed 1set 80W solar led street light sample in his shops.The sample work very well,so the first 150sets 80W solar led street light have sold out in one month,more and more customer in another islands contact him,and want to buy solar led street light from him.

                                      Solar Street light Project

  Then he contact Maggie for the second order.In this time,he not only buy solar led street light for his solar street light project,but also buy solar power system,solar fridge system.And we have upgrade the 80W led lamp to 100W led lamp for free in this time.Mr.Jack is so grateful for Mars Solar. Mars Solar,quality is our culture.It is not only a slogan,but also the job we are doing for each customer’s solar led street light project.

Mars Solar LED street light project

Solar Street light Project


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