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LED High Bay Explosion-Proof Light In Dubai


Published by Mars April 07,2022

          Mars Solar have built a successful LED high bay explosion-proof light project in Dubai in 2017.The customer company is RAR Resin Chemicals Industries.RAR Resin Chemicals Industries is the leading synthetic resins & petrochemicals producer in the Middle East.

led high bay

           Their purchase manager Mr.Samuel contact our top sale Lucy,ask the details for 150W LED high bay explosion-proof light.He tell us that,the 150W LED high bay explosion-proof light need to have IP66 protection,220VAC power,15750Lumen output,6000K color temperature.and it is urgent so they need the stock goods for LED high bay explosion-proof light.They want to order 70pcs this kind led light.After checking with production department,Lucy send email to Mr.Samuel,and tell him.”We can get ready the goods in 7days,it need 3-5days from China to Dubai by air.So you can receive the goods in 10-12days.Is that ok for you?”Besides,Lucy explain to Mr.Samuel.We are professional factory for explosion-proof light,so we have some stock materials.But we need enough time to produce ,test and operated the light,make sure everything is fine,then can send to customer.We need to ensure our products’ quality.Finally,Mr.Samuel agreed the delivery time.And he ask to check the explosion-proof light certification,make sure our LED high bay explosion-proof light is the exactly explosion-proof light.Lucy send the explosion-proof light certification to Mr.Samuel.In this certification,it show that Mars LED explosion proof light with Ex-marking ExdIICT4 Gb.This explosion-proof light standard can meet the Mr.Samuel requirement.Then Mr.Samuel send the full payment to Mars Solar.

led high bay

  After 7days production and test,we get ready the 70pcs 150W LED high bay explosion-proof light in time.Besides,we have made a product test report inside the package,which made user clearly to know the LED high bay explosion-proof light’s performance. When the goods arrive Dubai airport,Mr.Samuel pick up the goods smoothly.He use our explosion-proof light certification,and get the local authorities.He is satisfied for our products and our service.Now we are keep to talk more business.


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