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What is Solar Street Light Led in Tanzania?


Published by Mars April 07,2022

  Solar street light led is more and more popular in Africa.Africa have abundant land resources and enjoys abundant sunshine and solar radiation all year round.In the past decade,only a small number solar street light led projects have been finished.The African government is working to solve this problem,because the energy crisis continues to hang over the African continent and restrict economic development,and the solar street light led project itself is helping to solve the energy crisis problem,which is becoming more and more clear.Solar street light led is a good example for the solar energy use way.It make Africa city more safe and more brightness.They widely use in the country road,city road,roadway,pathway,private road,sidewalk,police station,public square,plaza,garden,park etc.

                                         solar street lights led

  Customer Mr.Steve have backed a project for solar street light led in Tanzania to us in today.We have worked with Frank 3years.Each month,he will order some solar street light led to Tanzania.Mr.Steve have companies in Tanzania,he is developing the business for the solar lights in the country side. Mr.Steve tell use,this solar street lights led project have installed in a policeman station.The light have 140LM/W,it use double LED chip design,have super brightness performance.The solar street lights led system will work at night 12hrs,6hrs in 100% power,another 6hrs in 50% power.

                                              solar street lights led

                This mode solar street lights led products is 30W model.We have fixed solar led controller and lithium battery inside the lamp.The solar led controller is intelligent controller,can automatically lit the light on in the night time,shut down the light in the day time.If it have long rainy day,it will adjust the lamp power base on the battery capacity.The controller have high charge efficiency,can charge the battery in a weak sunshine.This advanced technology make the light can lit in 365days non stop.Between lamp and solar panel,have waterproof connector.It is very convenience to connect the lamp with solar panel,and all of them fix on the top of the pole.It is anti-theft design.Now the solar street lights led work very well.Mr.Steve is talking with the police stations,popularize all police station install this kind solar street light led products.


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