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Solar street lamp motion sensor in Tanzania


Published by Mars April 07,2022

        Our old friend Frank from Tanzania,have shared his solar street lamp motion sensor installation pictures to us again.He is very satisfied with our solar street lamp motion sensor products.Before he order our all in one solar street lamp,he complains us many times.He say:”Lucy,your price is so high that i have small profit.I am a business man and price in Tanzania market is very bad.”We explain to him,why our product price is higher than another supplier,then he agree to buy some sample.But after he test our sample,he decide to make the second order at once.


integrate solar led street lamp

All in one solar street lamp, a segment of the photovoltaic industry, because it can directly use solar power to generate electricity, save energy, and eliminate the need for complex and expensive long-distance transmission cables, as well as automatic operation, voltage safety and many other advantages in the past few years. It is widely and quickly used to replace traditional street lamps. However, this market segment is experiencing a short-lived pain.”All in one solar street lamp installation was demolished in 1 year” and “a thousand street lamps were installed in a town. After half a year, the failure rate of lamps reached 21%” and “some solar street light lamp waste projects in many areas were replaced with ordinary city lighting”. There are more solar street light lamp projects that are forced to repair each year, causing a lot of manpower, material resources and financial waste. For this phenomenon, some products that are not up to standard are selected, and there are no standards, quality inspections, after-sales, etc.

integrate solar led street lamp

The biggest feature of the solar street lamp motion sensor industry is that the production process is messy. Solar street lamp motion sensor products are mostly based on patchwork, rather than independent research and development, and even many solar street light lamps companies do not have factories. These enterprises often cut corners and shoddy in the production process, so they bid at low prices, which makes the industry low-quality and low-cost garbage projects flood.

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