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         Mr.Javier have sent installation picture for 40W solar street light design to me in 23th,December,2018.When we receive it,we are so pround of it,we think that is really the best new year gift to us.

solar street light fixture

            Mr.Javier’s company focus on electrical and lighting equipment in Uruguay, have more than 50years history.His company have 2500sq meters for commercial space,to sell electrical and lighting equipment in Uruguay.They have a team of more than 40 employees trained to provide professional service to each customer.Some months ago,he contact me and ask us to make a solar street light design.He have a project which need to provide solar street light project proposal and solar street light fixture. This project is in Lorenzo Geyres Town in Uruguay.The solar street light design include:30W or 40W super bright led lamp, the solar panel an battery holder to be gripped on top of a column of 100*140mm section pole.He don’t need th pole,because it have already have concrete pole in that place. solar street light fixture

           Based on his datasheet,we provide suitable 40W solar street light specification to him. In this solar street light project proposal,the solar panel and battery will fixed on the top of the pole.We provide lithium battery pack with controller design,then it is light and easy to fix the solar panel and battery on the top of the pole.It already have pole,this pole have install AC street lamp before,so we will provide solar panel,battery,led lamp,solar panel bracket,controller etc in this solar street light project proposal.Because it is a tender,so we provide IES document and certification for solar street light to him,help him win the tender and customer.

solar street light fixture

        Finally,we sucessfully to finish this 40W solar street light design.The light working good and the customer is very satisfied with his performance.Customer satisfaction is the biggest pursuit of Foshan Mars Solar.

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