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          Republic of Kazakhstan,referred to as Kazakhstan. It is a landlocked country in Central Asia and the largest landlocked country in the world.We have installated more than 1,000sets solar street light working in Kazakhstan. The solar street light working in Kazakhstan are all 30W model solar panel led lighting system.The customer worry about that the solar panel led lighting system can not work well in winter.Because in winter,the temperature is very low and it have snow.The environmental temperature is -30~-40℃.After long time use,the customer not worry about any more,the solar energy street lights work well in winter,only need few sunshine,the battery can be charged and solar energy street lights keep to work and bright at night.

solar powered area lights

     Do you know the reason why Mars Solar solar street light can work so well?This is the difference between Mars and another supplier:

solar powered area lights

           In addition, the solar street lights made by Mas are all solar street light lithium battery. Solar street light lithium battery are still a relatively new term for many people who have not first contacted. Even those who really understand solar dusk to dawn street light are not particularly concerned about solar street light lithium battery. The general solar dusk to dawn street light are made of colloidal lead acid. Maintaining the battery, this is the battery that has been used the most since the development of street lamps in recent years, but the technology of solar dusk to dawn street light manufacturers is always changing, the times are changing, the transformation of street lamps is also always, we have introduced more advanced lithium.Battery solar street light, naturally its function and performance is far better than lead-acid batteries.

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